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Legends '34 Coupe Fixed

If you are not approved for the league for some reason you will be refunded.


Felts Media Racing Series




  1. $2 a Driver to Reserve a Number and is considered a Series Due. It will go a long way to pay for the cost of running the leagues, broadcasts, and possible payouts.

  2. You must start the race and complete at least 1 lap to receive points.

  3. Being allowed in a race is a sign we trust you to race fairly. Do not abuse that trust.

  4. You must abide by the rules of FMRS

  5. You must be able to hear and follow the FMRS official’s directions at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.




  1. The series will run on Saturday nights at 8pm est. Practice will be 30 minutes long and will begin at 8pm followed by a 5 minute qualifying session and a 50 lap race. 

  2.  If you do not make it into the session prior to qualifying you will NOT be allowed to race. 




  1. The race will be broadcast at 

  2. If you are a streamer yourself we encourage you to stream the race as well.

  3. Please be mindful that you are being broadcast so whatever you do in the race will be seen by the broadcast.

  4. If you would like to sponsor the broadcast contact an admin.




  1. The points system will be based on the NASCAR Cup Series Playoff System.

  2. The last 4 races of the season will be playoff races starting with 10 drivers in the first round, 8 in the second round, 6 in the third round, and 4 in the final round.

  3. If you win in the regular season you automatically secure a spot in the playoffs.

  4. You are allowed to miss up to 3 races and still be eligible for the playoffs.

  5. The rest of the playoff field will be determined by points with tie breakers being determined by top 5’s.

  6. Once the playoffs start points will reset at 2,000 for contending drivers with +5 for any regular season wins. 

  7. Points will reset at 3,000 for the drivers who make it to the next round with a +5 for winning round 1. 

  8. Points will reset at 4,000 for the third round with a +5 for winning round 2. 

  9. Points will reset at 5,000 for the championship race but no bonus will be given for winning the previous race. The highest finisher will be the champion!

  10. Bonus Points

    1. Pole position +5

    2. Leading a lap +1

    3. Leading the most laps +3

    4. Fastest race lap +1




  1. General

    1. Lapped cars are not required to yield to the field but must run a predictable line in order for the field to pass safely. It is encouraged that you inform the field of your line.

    2. All drivers will be given 1 fast repair

    3. Please only use the Driver Radio to relay information to other drivers. Arguments over the radio will not be tolerated. You will immediately be removed from the session and may be given a penalty.

    4. All incidents will be addressed after the race by the ones involved and race officials.

    5. If you are having connection issues you will be given a warning. If you are unable to fix the issue you may be asked to leave the race.

  2. Advancing Position/Overtaking

    1.  You are NOT allowed to pass or advance a position below the bottom line in any Oval event unless specified by officials. If you do go below the line either legally or illegally at any track, it's your responsibility to come back over it safely

    2. You are allowed up to 2 tires off on a Road Course Event. 3 tires off is considered cutting the track. Anyone caught purposely doing so will be penalized at Race Directors discretion.

  3. Race Starts and Restarts

    1. The start of the race and all restarts will be on the iracing green flag and will all be double file.

    2. You must maintain at least half a car length to a car length from the person in front prior to the green flag. Starting further back than a car length away may result in a penalty.

    3. You are allowed to pass the person in front of you to the outside prior to crossing the start/finish line.

    4. You are NOT allowed to pass the person in front of you to the inside prior to crossing the start/finish line.

    5. You are NOT allowed to pass the leader prior to the start/finish line inside or out.

  4. Cautions

    1. Cautions will be determined by iracing

    2. DO NOT bulldoze through an accident. Slow down as needed.

    3. If an incident causes the majority of the field to slow down but iracing does not through a caution a caution will be thrown by an admin. SO SLOW DOWN!

    4. Follow iracing instructions under caution in regards to where to line up and wavearounds or lucky dog.

    5. If you cause 3 “avoidable” cautions you may be asked to park it for the remainder of the race. Tight, racing incidents are understandable but do not make a habit of it.

    6. All accidents will be reviewed by the admins.

  5. Green Flag Pit Stops

    1. If your pit entry interferes with other drivers it will be reviewed by the admins and you may be penalized.

    2. Utilize the radio or text chat if you feel you need to inform other drivers that you are pitting in order to avoid an incident.

  6. Black Flags

    1. You may ask an admin to remove a black flag but you must first state the violation.

    2. It will be up to the admin as to whether it will be cleared or not.

    3. Pit violations will not be eligible for black flag clearance.

  7. Penalties

    1. All penalties will be given based on the incident.

    2. You are allowed to appeal your penalty and it will be reevaluated by the admins but it is not guaranteed that anything will change.

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